Chilli lime and coriander fishcakes


Above: served with Cheesey Totties


500g of white fish fillets
1 lime
Bunch or coriander
Fresh chilli 1 or 2 for desired strength
400g potatoes
Splash of milk
1 egg
Flour for dusting

Peel and chop potatoes and boil in salted water till ready for mashing
Fry the fish in some butter until cooked through. Depends on the fish but it shouldnt take too long
Drain potatoes into a colander place back into the pot amd mash adding butter and milk along with a pinch of black pepper.
Finely chop the chilli and corriander and grate the lime zest into the potatoes
Add the fish to the mixture and mash together untill it is all good and mixed up
Beat an egg and pour in coating every part with the egg
Dust a plate with flour and with clean hands mould the mix into a flat patty

Fry in oil for 7-8 minutes untill it is piping hot the whole way through


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